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Email:   Tel: 01922 408518 / Mobile: 07944 713707
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AQUEOUS BIO REMEDIATION – Suitable for a wide range of applications. Bio remediation is a combination of our own AquaBlue aqueous detergent solution and bio tablets that contain naturally occuring enzymes. These enzymes continually regenerate the solution, breaking down oil and grease, to maintain its cleaning power. The AquaBlue liquid and bio tablets are heated to 38┬░C by an inbuilt heater. In combination they provide a powerful, safe cleaning solution that cuts through oil and grease. All models feature a flo through brush, directional nozzle, washable filters & built in soak facility. There are significant health and safety benefits with our solvent free and non-flammable system, helping to protect both operator and environment.

SOLVENT – The tried and tested away of acheiving cost effective and efficient cleaning results every time. Ideal for garages and industrial workshops. A sink on drum type of parts washer providing a simple but powerful degreasing solution for heavily contaminated components. Complete with illuminated work area, flo through brush and directional nozzle. We offer a range of solvents to suit your requirements. Suitable for cleaning oil, grease, tar, bitumen, paint and ink. Often used in combination with our rotary hot washers for the toughest of environments.


ROTARY HOT WASHERS – Our heavy duty top loading rotary spray hot washers are among the best performing top loading spray washing machines available on the UK market. With their robust build these high quality machines provide efficient reliable cleaning and are ideal for all industrial applications. All models feature a motor driven stainless steel component basket which rotates constantly during the wash cycle. A separate high pressure pump blasts detergent from the wide angle jets in the dual spray bars, ensuring even the dirtiest of components are sparkling clean every time. Fully automatic, these machines leave the operator free to carry out other tasks while the components are being cleaned. Combined with our low cost environmentally friendly water based detergent our equipment gives you cost effective parts cleaning, guaranteed.

ROTARY HOT WASH WITH MANUAL JET WASH– Combining all the features of our rotary hot washers and a built in manual high pressure blast facility, these combination washers provide the ultimate parts washing solution for any environment. Built in gloves allow the operator to reach inside the machine and manually rinse the components using the high power lance, these robust machine are suitable for the harshest of environments and provide the ultimate parts cleaning solution.

ESPW supply solvent and aqueous parts washing solutions to meet the specific demands of your application. We aim to minimize the impact on operator health and the wider environment. Our wide range of solutions mean we can provide the best solution to your parts cleaning needs. In combination, the correct parts washer and appropriate cleaning fluid ensures optimum cleaning performance for your components and maximum life for the cleaning fluid ensuring efficiency and reducing your environmental impact.

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